General FAQ

How much does it cost to get in?

Just a big smile, great energy, and a love for our amazing local artists, musicians, and businesses.

Do you accept credit cards?

That's up to each artist and vendor but it can't hurt to have both just in case.

Is this event all ages?

We love the kiddos! Some events have special activities just for them.

When is First Friday?

First Friday happens on the first Friday of each month (makes sense right?). The party runs from 6-9P.

Where do I park?

The best spot to park is off of Jay’s Way behind the buildings that line First Friday. Parking on Main Street may be limited so make sure to plan ahead.

Where is First Friday?

Headquarters is held on McCulloch Blvd between Scott Dr and Querio, but Main Street businesses may have events held at their shopfronts too!


Artist FAQ

What qualifies me to be an Artist?

Since Havasu First Friday is an arts festival, your goods must be related to the arts and you MUST MAKE your own products. You are not qualified to participate in the festival if you resell products or have imported goods.

Do I need a business license to sell my art?

Yes, you need a Lake Havasu City Business License and AZ Tax Number (TPT). Don't have them yet? You can apply for those here and here.

Do I need to apply to sell my art each month?

We want to make sure we have a spot for your rad creations, so YES please apply each month to ensure that happens.

Is there a fee to reserve a space?

Not at this time.

Day of Event Info

Please do not sit or store items in parking spaces. The police department will shut our event down, plus it is not safe.

Your space is about 6 feet by 3 feet deep. Your display must be to the edge of the curb, with your chair to either the left or right side of your display, NOT BEHIND. To ensure maximum safe clear walking space, all Artists must be to either SIDE of their display, not BEHIND.

If you set up away from the curb or in a parking spot, you will be asked to move your set-up back. If you do not comply you are subject to a warning notice and suspension from the event.

Is power provided to my space?

You got the power in your soul, but we can't guarantee we will have it for your space. Depends on a lot of factors so bring back-up battery-powered items just in case.

What time is set-up and breakdown?

You can set up as early as 4P. Be ready by 6P. You must stay set up until 9P. Please clean up your entire space including trash and chalk writing.


Performer/Musician FAQ

Do I need a business license to play music?

No need for a license to jam but if you plan to sell art or merch, please get the proper paperwork (See license links in Artist FAQ)

Who do I contact to play music?

Email our Music Coordinator Nick.

Is there a fee to play music?

Not right now but if you get super famous, throw us some cred, yeah?


Downtown Business FAQ

How do I get my business involved in First Friday?

Apply here, explaining what experience you want to bring to the party.

Can my business participate in First Friday?

We encourage all Downtown businesses to host special events coordinating with First Friday and/or the theme. Think experiences, hands-on workshops, themed products/food items, live music and art demos.

Can my business be added to the map?

If you create an awesome experience specifically for First Friday attendees, your business on McCulloch will be added to the event map.


Volunteer FAQ

What do Volunteers do?

The application lists all the available positions, check it out there!

What is the age to Volunteer?

Preferrably 16+. If working the Beer Garden, 19+. If working with an organized group, tell your leader to send an email to and we can go from there!

Is Volunteering fun?

Yes! There are so many spots to rock your talents!

How long is my volunteering shift?

It depends on the position but typically they are broken into two, 2-hour shifts.